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 Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph for You

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PostSubject: Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph for You   Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:36 am

Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph for You

The Swiss company, Tag Heuer, is a prestigious watch brand closely linked to the world of sport, creating fascinating automotive-related models since 1860, which are characterized by the exact measurement of time, this challenge being presented in the daily life of this brand. Always standing up to the "Swiss avant-garde" approach, Tag Heuer has continually came up with new ideas that have revolutionize the watchmaking industry, thus it has won a very high place in the top most prestigious watch-manufacturers worldwide like Breitling Watches.

As this company has always amazed through its innovative timepieces, this time amazes again the watch enthusiasts with its new model, Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph watch, born thanks to the remarkable collaboration with the maker of Mercedes cars, with the recent launch of a line inspired by the Mercedes McLaren SLR. An important new addition brought by the Tag Heuer is the revolutionary Calibre S electro-mechanical motion that allows the measurement of time intervals of one hundredth of a second and also the faster measurements show in a span of 20 laps indicated by the best lap index.

Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph model is a sophisticated watch with a massive case made of stainless steel with diameter of 47mm, presenting sporty and masculine lines, emulating inside the speedometer of the racing cars. The case provides water resistance to 100 meters deep and scratch resistance due the sapphire crystal coating with anti-reflection on both sides.

The watch case houses a fascinating dial available in two different colors, black or silver, equipped with three archwise sub-dials: indicating the retrograde counters, the 1/10th second intervals located at 4:30 and the 1/100th second intervals located at 7:30, completed with a lap function sub-dial at 12 o'clock with Chrono measures located at 9:30 and Best lap measures located at 2:30, providing the sport adventurer the precise lap performance in a race. The dial also features tachymeter indications engraved on the bezel that has titanium finishing giving the watch a stronger aspect. All the functions can easily be adjusted with the help of the lateral pushers and the crown.

The Calibre S mechanism that beats inside Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph is highly accurate assuring the racing lovers that they can rely with confidence on this remarkable watch for speed and performance tracking.

Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph watch is available in two formats, a stainless steel and a specially designed rubber, both with a secure closure with the series logo SRL. All the brand's enthusiasts can purchase this extraordinary timepiece for a price of about $2,395, even more as it is the first SLR that doesn't come as a limited edition. If you want to buy this watch, if you want to buy TAG Heuer Watches, just hurry up!
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Tag Heuer SLR Calibre S Laptimer Chronograph for You
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